Teen Patti Real Money

Many consider Teen Patti to be played for fun with your family and relatives. Indeed, Teen Patti is one of the most exciting ways to spend time with your closest ones as the card game is relatively simple to learn yet challenging enough to keep you enticed in it. However, Teen Patti, sometimes also called as Indian Poker, is more often played with real money. In recent years the popularity of trying to win some sweet cash while playing this favorite game of many has risen dramatically.

real money teen patti

Teen Patti can be played with real money at both land-based casinos as well as online casinos. There is a certain attraction to playing Teen Patti at a land-based casino, but in this article we are going to focus mainly on the online environment as it has become a very attractive and easy way to play Teen Patti real money. However, some tips may be generally useful, so keep reading even if you are not the biggest fan of the online environment!

All in all:

  • Teen Patti has usually been played among family and friends
  • Sometimes TeenPatti is also referred as Indian Poker
  • The game can be played with real money both at land-based casinos and online casinos

Online casinos

The basics of playing any game, not just Teen Patti, are very similar to land-based casinos. The rules of the game are usually the same and casinos often include similar products such as slot games, table games, betting and lottery. Online casinos have many benefits when playing with real money, as there is often less pressure to spend a lot of money on the game. You may choose from various tables starting from smaller bets to the ones for high-rollers, and playing can be done at the ease of your home. Online casinos often provide different variations of Teen Patti, and so you can try your luck and skills in different variations of the game.


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Live Teen Patti vs. Video Teen Patti

Two most common ways to play Teen Patti with real money is the Live TeenPatti and Video TeenPatti. Now, how are these two different?

In Live Teen Patti you play against the host or the dealer of the game. The game is shown as live. Therefore you have a real-time chance to engage with the dealer and also other players. This adds more fun to the game play and makes the player feel that they have entered a real casino. The game can be fast-paced however, as players are bound to make quick decisions and there is also a real dealer involved in the game. Also, as the game is live it is crucial to check that the internet connection is stable enough. If you have played TeenPatti before for real money in a live setting (live casino for example), then you will definitely enjoy the online version of a Live TeenPatti!

Now, if you are a beginner or just prefer to play the game a bit slower with less stimuli around you then you may prefer Video Teen Patti. Here, the game play is against an algorithm instead of a real human dealer. Some people prefer this as algorithms are not bound to make mistakes, thus making the game more trustworthy. Try video version first if possible and move on to Live TeenPatti when feeling more comfortable with the online environment and utilizing real money on the game.

  • Live Teen Patti is played with a dealer in real time and for real money
  • In Live Teen Patti, player can discuss with dealer and other players
  • The Live version requires stable internet connection
  • The Video version of Teen Patti is played against the machine and its algorithm

Real Money Teen Patti – Tips to keep in mind

When playing Teen Patti with real money, some things are good to consider before placing any bets. Firstly, it is a good idea to set up the budget for the game. How much are you willing to lose and would a bet limit be a good option for you? All responsible online casinos provide various tools to manage the game play and set various bet and time limits. This may be a good idea especially if you are just starting to play the game with real money as the game oftentimes is fast-paced. It is easy to bet more than what you are comfortable with.

TeenPatti bet sizing

Another good tip is to place small bets and try playing as a blind player. Unless there are unlimited resources to play with, it is far more likely that the player will enjoy TeenPatti more when playing with small bets. When placing smaller bets it is easier to manage your budget and also participate in more game rounds. It also may be a good thing to consider to play as a blind player. When you are not playing with real money, it makes sense to see the cards immediately. However, being a seen player right from the start may get expensive quickly.

Lastly, learn to end the game when you either are happy with your winnings or you have used all of the budget set for the game. TeenPatti provides a lot of excitement and it is easy to spend hours playing it. However, taking the risk of losing what you already won or losing more than what was planned may trigger negative emotions. TeenPatti is supposed to be fun, bring joy and, perhaps with some tips and tricks, some cash too.

To sum up:

  • Set up a budget for the game session and monitor it throughout the game
  • Prefer smaller bets and try to play as a blind player
  • Know when to stop

Also, when playing with real money online it is always important to check that the website is reliable. Look for information and play at trusted sites. Many online casinos cater to Indian market by offering Indian Rupees as a payment method.