Teen Patti Strategy and Tips

teen patti strategy

So, you maybe know the basics of Teen Patti Strategy and now want to know some tips and tricks on how to win? Then you have come to the right place. There surely are many tricks and ways to make your win a bit more likely, but the main thing to remember is to understand that the game is somewhat based on luck no matter how well you calculate your position. Your strong hand may still be weaker than the opponent’s hand is or someone may challenge you to a sideshow that you mistakenly agree on. With all that said, let’s head for the fun part!

  • Teen Patti is somewhat based on luck so do not be too confident
  • Evaluate the risks and place small bets if unsure
  • Teen Patti can be a very fast-paced game so stay alert!

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Beginner´s tips and tricks before the game

Before even going to other tips, the main tip for any game is to know the Teen Patti rules. Knowing and thoroughly understanding the rules of Teen Patti is essential before going into the game. Read articles about the game rules and watch online tutorials and videos to see how the game is played. Learn the hands by heart and opt out from variations. Learning the base game well helps you a lot when you decide to try out some fun variations of Teen Patti.

If you have not played the game yet, then play a few practice rounds if possible, preferably without real money bets. This lets you see the game flow and comprehend the rules learned. Furthermore, decide the amount you are prepared to lose. The game is somewhat based on luck, so betting too much and losing it all at once is not a smart move. Instead, focus on small bets to get more rounds and practice.

If you are into numbers and mathematics, then it is a good idea to have a look at probabilities. Although having luck has a big role in Teen Patti, understanding them before the game and utilizing probabilities during the game can be a valuable asset that not all players are as familiar with.

If you are playing at a brick and mortar casino then it is also a good idea to think about your overall look and how you act during the game, as non-verbal communication may give it away to some more experienced players. There is no such problem when playing online, so it is a good option to start playing Teen Patti!

  • Learn the rules and hands of Teen Patti
  • Practice until you are comfortable with playing with real money
  • Decide how much you are comfortable to lose
  • Understand probabilities of each hand
  • Consider your poker face while playing the game

In-game Teen Patti strategy tips

The most valuable strategy lingers in whether you play as a blind or seen player. The first strategy is to play blind. For beginners it may seem a bit confusing to play without knowing your cards. However, this may turn out to be a good strategy. Although playing blind is a bit of a guessing game, its value is in smaller bets. By having to bet smaller amounts compared to seen players, the risk of losing a lot is smaller. Furthermore, if your instincts are saying that seen players do not have strong hands, they will most often fold eventually. It is also good to keep in mind that a blind player can always become a seen player by looking at their cards. If you start as a seen player, you end up betting more and cannot turn back on being a blind player.

Another option is, of course, to play as a seen player or as it is also called, play chaal. In this case you know exactly what you have at your hands and thus your betting pattern is based on whether you actually have a strong hand or you just want to try bluffing. You will end up betting more as a seen player, but it may be the best Teen Patti strategy especially if you have a strong hand.

Besides these two somewhat obvious ones there is a possibility for sideshows. Often neglected by beginners, a sideshow may be a great tool to enhance the game play and drop weak opponents out of the game. For sideshows, you need the player before you to be a blind player as well. The player will either accept or reject the sideshow proposal. As sideshows are risky, you should be wise with them and request one only if you are sure that your hand is a strong one. The one who has a weaker hand has to fold and drop out of the game.

The final Teen Patti strategy is to fold and end the game on your behalf. Although this may feel a boring solution, it can save you a good amount of money that can be put into use on the next round of the game. When the player decides to fold, he or she loses the money put into the game. However, if the hand is very weak, folding is a smart choice.

Other tips

Try to keep in mind that even the best players have to practice in order to keep their minds fresh and to develop their skills in Teen Patti. It is a good idea to spend some time watching other people playing Teen Patti and analyze each move of each player – who did the smart move?

Also, try not to repeat the same pattern in every round as you may become predictable. For more consistent wins, play with people who are less experienced in the game. However, if you want to develop your skills, do not be afraid to lose to more experienced players either. Playing Teen Patti is all about having fun, so there is no need to make it too serious. Just enjoy this popular card game from India and maybe with these tips you may win some sweet, sweet cash!