Teen Patti history

Teen Patti has a solid background and throughout the history it has been recognized as a popular game in India. The name Teen Patti means three cards in Hindi and the name comes from the game itself, as three cards are dealt to each player. Although there is no information on when the game was invented, many consider it as an old and traditional poker game. There have been some mentions of the game in history books and archives, however. The game has gained a robust position around Southeast Asia too.

It is often claimed that Teen Patti originates or is at least inspired by an English card game called three-card brag. Indeed there are many similarities and it is very likely that the game has gotten its inspiration in this English game especially when considering the Teen Patti history and its influence on social life as well. Let’s have a look at this English game and see the similarities and differences between these two games.

  • Teen Patti means three cards in Hindi and it refers to 3 cards dealt for each player
  • The game has a long history in India and it is considered as a poker game
  • Teen Patti is very similar to a British card game called Three-card brag
teen patti history

Three-card brag

The history of A Brag or also called Three-card brag starts from the 18th century. The card game was created in the UK, and it is essentially a British game. The rules of the game have been changed and modified throughout the years thus there is no right version to play Three card brag but rather multiple variations.

Just like in Teen Patti, the ante must be decided and placed before the game starts. In Teen Patti ante is often called boot. In Three-card brag, the highest hand is called Prial and the name refers to Pair Royal. Prial is a hand of three cards with equal rank, the highest being A-A-A, followed by K-K-K and Q-Q-Q. The lowest by default is then 2-2-2. In Teen Patti, this hand is also the highest in value but is called a Trial, Trio or Three of a kind. Furthermore, other hands have different names in Three card brag and Teen Patti, but the rank is the same.

The biggest differences in these games can be found in their variations as well as current popularity of the game. The most common variations of a Three-card brag are a Four-card brag and a Five-card brag. These two also exist in Teen Patti, but in Teen Patti the one card that is disposed does not influence the game after that. In Three-card brag the extra card may have an influence if there is a tie in the game.

Both games are often found in many casinos, but Teen Patti has been gaining a lot of popularity in India and Southeast Asia whereas Three-card brag has lost some of its popularity in Europe to other poker games such as Texas Hold´em. However, there is a possibility that Teen Patti will gain more popularity in Europe and other parts of the world as well since many online casinos are adding various versions of the game to their game portfolio.

  • Teen Patti and Three-card brag are very similar – you can play both by knowing one
  • Nowadays, Teen Patti is more popular compared to Three-card brag
  • The main differences are found in variations as well as terminology of the game

Teen Patti in India and overseas

Teen Patti has a strong cultural background in India, and that cannot be taken away from it. The game is often played at various social gatherings where family members and relatives gather together to enjoy their time and challenge each other in this Indian poker game. Sometimes people may play it for some small amount of money, but oftentimes it is played just for fun. The game is especially popular during Indian holidays such as Janmashtami and Diwali.

The law on gambling in India is a bit complex and thus it is challenging to say whether playing Teen Patti for money is legal or not within India. The law on gambling is outdated and oftentimes not followed through. What is more, the view on its legality may differ from state to state as gambling laws in India are managed on the state level. However, in states where gambling is allowed, Teen Patti (often also called as Indian Flush) can be found in brick and mortar casinos as well.

Overseas, tournaments and other smaller Teen Patti competitions are organized. The game can be found especially in many casinos in Asia. However, in recent years casinos around the world have recognized that there may be a demand for Teen Patti in other parts of the world.

  • In India, Teen Patti is often played in social gatherings and during holidays or celebrations
  • The gambling law in India does not fully define whether the game is legal
  • Various Teen Patti tournaments are common in Southeast Asia
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Teen Patti 2020 – what has changed?

As mentioned, Teen Patti has always been a game that is played with family, relatives and close friends. The game play has not always included playing with real money, and the game is all about having fun. However, the popularity of the game went high soon after it was first launched online less than a decade ago. Playing online has made Teen Patti a bit more serious although the game is still about fun and it is based mainly on luck. People are however learning about probabilities and tactics. It is not uncommon to see people who focus mainly on Teen Patti, and more people are shifting towards playing online. The most recent trend is playing Teen Patti on mobile, and this is expected to become the most popular way to play the game since mobile devices have become so common.